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     Art by Deb Gillett
Deb Gillett's large and vibrant paintings are her own expressionistic, neo-futurist take on elation of being, and offer an unfettered celebration of life

     Underground Motel White Cliffs
The NRMA Road Guide voted White Cliffs Underground Motel one of the four most original places to stay in New South Wales. Rated 3 star AAA.

     Australian Screen
Australian Screen is operated by the National Film and Sound Archive; the audiovisual archive, collecting, preserving and sharing the nation’s moving image and recorded sound heritage. Courtesy of NFS we are permitted to broadcast several video clips

Mavericks in Queensland Boulder Opals: Miners and Merchants Since 1956.

     Whitecliffs Opal Field
'The First & Friendliest' - A comprehensive guide to White Cliffs NSW

     Coober Pedy Regional Times
Your Outback Communities Newspaper - Serving the Mid to Far North Communities and the Opal Capital of the World since 1982.

     Andamooka Opal
Andamooka Opal; Dealer in fine gem quality crystal Opal, rough Opal, Opal jewellery. Owners of the Dukes Bottlehouse Motel and showroom.

     National Symbols of Australia
Australian Government website showcases Opal as the National Gemstone and a symbol of the Nation as unique as our Flora and Marsupial Fauna. Celebrating Australia & Australians.

     Gemmological Association of Australia
Australia is an ancient land. Geologically speaking, it has some of the oldest rocks on the planet.

     Queensland Boulder Opal Association
Represents the Opal mining fraternity in Queensland the home of Boulder Opal.

     American Opal Society
A non-profit organization, educational in nature, whose primary purpose is promoting interest and knowledge of this precious gem.

     ICA - International Coloured Gemstone Association
The ICA provides consumer buying advice and educational details about colored gemstones.

     Experience Winton QLD
Showcase for the abundant natural beauty and Australian heritage of the Winton area in SW Queensland.

     Collecting Fine Jewels
This blog is for curators of collections of fine jewellery and for anyone who enjoys finding unique and rare fine jewels.

     Planet Opal
Run by Sean Tapner an enthusiastic cutter who sources his rough direct from the Australian opal mines. Based in Brisbane he is an opal lover who has successfully sold 900+ loose stones and items of jewelry on ebay with 100% satisfaction.

     Janice Evert Opals
Exciting fashion Opal jewellery designed & made by Janice Evert and other skilled craftspeople.

     Delarue Opals 
Jacky and Elisabeth Delarue are a French husband and wife team. Successful miners and cutters of opal from Opalton Queensland who have been involved in the Australian opal industry for over 30 years.

An exciting proliferation of vibrant, exotic, opulent gemstones, pearls and gem beads. A testament to the importance of colour.

     Umoona Opal Mine & Museum
Opal mine on Coober Pedy's main street, Umoona has been converted into the town's largest single underground tourist attraction - a must see in Coober Pedy

     BR Senior & Associates
Resources in reconnaissance and semi-detailed geological mapping with extensive field experience in Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia. Specialising in Opal, Gold and Heavy Minerals.

     BOLDA - Opal hearted collection
Boulder Opal - Lapidary - Design - Academy - Online Jewellery Gallery

     Lark Quarry - Winton QLD
The Dinosaur Stampede National Monument in Queensland was one of the first three places to be listed on the National Heritage List in July 2004.

     Waltzing Matilda Centre-Winton
A celebration of Australia's national song and the history which surrounds it.

     Stuart Range Caravan Park
Coober Pedy's foremost resort-syle Caravan Park offering motel accomodation, a pizza bar, the friendliest most helpful service.
Consistently rated highly by all who have stayed.

     Sandy's Opal Blog
Sandy Kent's Queensland Boulder Opal Blog; great original images of exploration and Opal mining, sunsets on the Boulder Opal fields.

     Queensland Geological & Tenure Data
Interactive resource and tenure maps allow you to zoom, pan, search and display geological data with mining and exploration tenure information for the whole of Queensland.

     Di Morrissey
Di Morrissey is one of Australia's most popular female novelists. Author of 'The Opal Desert'

     Diverse Opals
Robert Howie has 30 years experience cutting Opal & servicing the industry's lapidary requirements

     The Ridge News
The Ridge News delivers the latest news from Lightning Ridge NSW including sport, weather, entertainment, classifieds and lifestyle.

     Australian Opal Centre
A national museum being developed at the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, Australia, to house the world's greatest public collection of Australian opal and precious opalised fossils from the Age of Dinosaurs.

     Black Opal Arcade
Offering you the unique chance of becoming an opal mine owner at Lightning Ridge today.

     Opal: Rainbow of the Desert
Great reading & a source of technical material for professionals in mineralogy, gemmology & related fields.Scientific studies on Opaline silica of all types.Sponsored by CSIRO as a tribute to the late Ralph Segnit, a former CSIRO Minerals employee.

     Lightning Ridge Mining Regulation
DPI Mining overview at Lightning Ridge & NSW Opal Mining History. Maps, Reports, Mining Courses, Claims & Prospecting.| NSW Department of Primary Industries

Munich Show – Mineralientage München
Europe’s biggest fair for minerals, fossils, precious stones and jewelry.

INHORGENTA MUNICH offers the most comprehensive overview of current and future developments in the world of jewelry and watches, gemstones, design, technology.

     The Opal Association
A diverse membership of opal miners, cutters, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The Association incorporated in 2000 is based in Australia and has industry members from around the world.Administered by an executive committee that meets quarterly.

     Lightning Ridge - Home of Black Opal
Lightning Ridge is an Opal mining town with its unique Black Opal Deposits , this directory shows what is available and what you can do in Lightning Ridge.

     A Brief History of Lightning Ridge
A chronological history of Lightning Ridge NSW from 1900 to present.

     The History of the Black Soil Plains
My own boss: Migrant Opal Miners at Lightning Ridge