Birthstone of October

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Mystical – April Hindu – March



Sun Sign (Star Sign) - 'The Water Bearer'

Sun Sign (Star Sign) – 'The Lion'

Opal is a lucky stone for persons who entered life with the sun in Leo and Aquarius.




Since Opals may contain the colours of every other gemstone they may be used in place of any birthstone.

Opal is the Wedding Anniversary stone for the 13th, 14th and 18th year of Marriage.

October's child is born for woe,
And life's vicissitudes must know,
But lay an opal on her breast,
And hope will lull those woes to rest.

Famous People born in October whose Birthstone is Opal:

Alfred Nobel
Swedish chemist, Nobel Prise’s namesake

Alvin Toffler
American author & business futurist

Anita Roddick
Successful UK businesswoman and founder of the ‘Body Shop’

Anthony Hopkins
Famous Welsh actor, renowned for his role as Hannibal in ‘Silence of the Lambs’

Arsene Wenger
Arsenal football club manager

Arthur Miller
US dramatist, 1915+,

Arthur Rimbaud
French poet, 1854 - 91

Arthur Zimmermann
German statesman, 1864 - 1940

Ashlee Simpson

Bill Gates
Founder of Microsoft, arguably the world’s richest man

Bill Wyman
Ex-Rolling Stone

Billy Connolly
Scottish comedian

Bob Geldof
Irish singer, famous for organiser 'Live Aid' humanitarian fund raising concerts

Carole Lombard
Arguably the finest comedienne throughout the 30s and into the early 40s

Carrie Fisher
Actress starred in "Austin Powers" and "When Harry Met Sally"

Catherine Deneuve
Grand dame of French cinema

Charlton Heston
US film star & gun activist, played ‘Ben Hur’

Cliff Richard
UK singer, unique in having number one hits across five decades

Daniela Pestova

Dannii Minogue
Australian celebrity, little sister of Kylie

David Carradine
Famous celebrity

Dawn French
British comedienne, as in French and Saunders

Denis Diderot
French philosopher 1713-84

Desmond Tutu
South African religious leader, 1931+

Dick Francis
British novelist, 1920+

Donna Karan
US Fashion guru

Doris Lessing
English writer, 1919+

Dylan Thomas
Welsh poet

E E Cummings
Famous American writer and poet

Eleanor Roosevelt
US first lady & wife of Teddy

Hugely successful White 'gangsta' rapper, like him or not.

Eugenio Montale
Italian poet, 1896-1981

Evelyn Waugh
English novelist, 1903-66

Ezra Pound
American poet 1885-1972

Faith Baldwin

Fanny Brice
Comedienne, 1891-1951

Ferdinand Foch
French marshal

Fran Lebowitz
American writer, 1946-

Frank Herbert
American writer, 1920 - 86

Friedrich Nietzsche
German philosopher and writer

George Bancroft

Giuseppe Verdi
1813-1901, Italian composer

Gore Vidal

Graham Greene
Famous author

Groucho Marx
US comedian, member of the Marx Brothers, 1890-1977

Guy Pearce
Australian Actor in The Proposition

Gwen Stefani
Famous American pop diva

Hannah Arendt
American political philosopher

Harold Pinter
English playwright 1930-

Helen Hayes
Long regarded as the first lady of American theatre, 1900-1993

Helen Hunt Jackson
US writer, 1830-85

Hugh Jackman
Actor from The X-Men and Australia

Ian Thorpe
Aussie swimming star, The Thorpedo

Italo Calvino
Italian novelist

Ivan Turgenev
Great Russian author

Jackie Collins
Successful author


James Boswell
Biographer of Samuel Johnson 1740-95

James Cook
Captain in British Navy, known as the World's Explorer, 1728-79

James Whitcomb Riley
Poet, 1849-1916

Jean Giraudoux
French playwright

Jesse Jackson
Famous American activist, 1941+

Jimmy Breslin

Jimmy Carter
American President from 1977-1981

Joe Hill
American labour leader and songwriter, 1879-1914

John Adams
American president 1797-1801

John Cleese
British comedian

John Dewey

John ­Evelyn
English diarist, 1620-1706

John Hay
American writer, 1838-1905

John Keats
Famous english poet

John Le Carre
British novelist

John Lennon
Founding member of the Beatles

John Perry Barlow
American writer, 1947+

John Wooden
American basketball player in the 1930s

Johnny Carson
American comedian, 1925+

Jonas Salk
American scientist, 1914-95

Julia Roberts
Hollywood actress, hugely successful in 'Pretty Woman' and 'Erin Brockovich'

Julie Andrews
Famous English actress

Kate Winslet
British actress whose role in Titanic gave her huge international acclaim

Katherine Mansfield
New Zealand born short-story writer

Kelly Preston
American Actress

Larry Holmes
American athlete, 1949+

Le Corbusier
French architect

Lee Iacocca
Famous businessman, wellknown as CEO of Chrysler

Lenny Bruce
American comedian

Leon Trotsky
Russian revolutionary

Lord Alfred Douglas
Poet and friend of Oscar Wilde 1870-1945

Louise Talma
Composer, 1906+

Luciano Pavarotti
Famous Italian tenor & larger than life opera singer,1935+

Mahatma Gandhi
Indian statesman, 1869-1948

Margaret Thatcher
Ex-British Prime Minister

Marie Osmond
Musician, one of the Osmonds, 1959+

Mario Puzo
American novelist, author of the ‘Godfather’ series

Marlene Dietrich

Martha Stewart
American talk show host & actress, 1922+

Martina Navratilova
Top tennis player

Matt Damon

Michael Crichton
American author, film producer and television producer, 1942+

Mickey Mantle
Athlete, 1931-95

Montgomery Clift
American actor, played in numerous B&W classics

Murray Walker
Famous F1 motor racing commentator

Napoleon Hill
American writer, 1883-1970

Natalie Clifford Barney
American writer, 1876-1972

Natalie Maines
American musician, 1974+

Neve Campbell
Star of the 'Scream' trilogy and other movies

Niels Bohr
World renowned Danish physicist, 1885-1962

Nora Roberts

Oscar Wilde
Anglo-Irish playwright and poet, noted for his sartorial wit. Lived 1854-1900.

Ozzy Osbourne
Singer in Black Sabbath and reality TV star

P Diddy
Rapper who used to known as Puff Daddy

P G Wodehouse
British humourist

Pablo Picasso
Extremely influential & prolific Spanish artist, whose cubist pantings are worth millions.

Paul Strand
Famous photographer

Paul Valery
French critic & poet, 1871-1945

Peter Jackson
Director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Pope John Paul I
Pope, head of the Catholic Church on Earth

Rachael Leigh Cook
Actress in 'The Babysitters Club' & 'She's All That'

Ralph Kiner
Athlete, 1922+

Ray Kroc
Founder of McDonalds Corporation

Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Anglo-Irish playwright

Richard Rorty

Rita Hayworth

Robin Day

Rod Carew
Athlete, 1945+

Ruth Gordon
American actress and writer

Sammy Hagar
Musician, 1947+

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Author and poet, wrote 'The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner' epic

Sarah Bernhardt
Famous French actress and Opal advocate

Sarah Josepha Hale
US writer famous for childrens nursery rhymes, 1788-1879

Sigourney Weaver

Snoop Dogg
American rapper

Susan Sarandon
American actress

Suzanne Somers

Sylvia Plath
Famous author

Theodore Roosevelt
American president, presided over ally victory in WWII

Thomas Love Peacock
English novelist 1785-1866

Thomas Wolfe
American novelist

Tim Robbins
American Actor, in The Shawshank Redemption

Timothy Leary
1920-96, American psychologist

Tom Petty

Tommy Lee
American singer, was married to Pamela Anderson

Toni Braxton
R&B singer

Trevor Brooking
Ex-football player

Trey Parker
Creator of the hilarious South Park

Vaclav Havel
President of the Czech Republic

Viggo Mortensen
Famous actor, plays in Lord of the Rings trilogy

Vladimir Horowitz
Classical pianist

Vladimir Putin
Russian leader, 1952+

Wallace Stevens
American poet

Walter Matthau
American Oscar winning actor

William O Douglas
US legal expert, 1898-1980

William Penn
English Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania, 1644-1718

Winona Ryder
Hollywood actress, played in Girl Interrupted

Wyclef Jean
Black rapper, R&B artist, member of the 'Fugees'

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