Spiritual Healing with Opal

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Opal Magic & Metaphysical Properties

thumbnailca927ym9.jpgMany civilizations, cultures, and peoples have used crystals, stones, and minerals for healing and protection, not only of humans, but also for their animals and their environment.

The ancients believed that if a person wore the precious stone which, according to their tradition, was in affinity with the planets and the month of their birth, they would have protection against their enemies, sickness, accident, or even death.

In Medieval times Opal was thought to ward off illness and it was believed could confer the power of invisibility. As a protective stone Opal could help render the wearer unnoticeable or 'invisible', particularly helpful in negotiating ventures into dangerous places. The catalogue of Opal's reputed effects as a 'virtuous stone' include prevention of fainting, protection against infection and the cleansing of foul air.

A wearer would be relieved from dejection and always enjoy hope; in fact, Opal is the 'symbol of hope'. Since ancient times Opal has been considered to hold all the talismanic virtues of the other gemstones.

Modern Spiritual Interpretation

Opal is an emotional balancer which aids inner beauty and faithfulness.

Wearing, touching and observing Opal helps to increase mental capacities such as creative imagination and other unused powers of the mind. Opal aids in conscious connection with the highest aspects of being, enhancing intuition and the recollection of earlier lives.

Opal strengthens the heart and will to live. It is believed to help cure depression and bring confidence to the wearer.

Wearing Opal is prescribed to assist in healing persons with ailments associated with memory, eye-sight, pineal and pituitary gland dysfunction.

The Balancing Power of Colour

In the Chakra energy system Opal is associated with the Crown Chakra which is the epicentre of enlightment and intuition. The energy of the Crown Chakra in Opal helps amplify and mirror feelings, buried emotions, love and passion.

Because Opals may display all the spectral colours they relate harmoniously with all of the body's energy centers or Chakras.

The human body needs all 7 colour-rays to maintain healthy function:


The vibrational quality of each colour ray is associated with one or more of the 7 chakras. By using the colour ray that supports a particular charka, balance and harmony can be maintained.

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Variously coloured Opals can assist in the healing of many diseases:

Red stones have generally been thought to be remedies for bleeding and inflammatory diseases,to provide a calming influence, and remove anger.

Yellow stones were believed to cure bilious disorders and diseases of the liver.

Green stones traditionally have been suggested to correct diseases of the eyes.

Blue stones are prescribed to both calm spirits of darkness and bring the aid of light and ensure sure-footedness.

Violet gemstones resonate with the pituitary gland and the central nervous system through the Crown Chakra.

Multi-coloured Opals resonate with all Chakras and Opals are the only gemstone to contain the full spectrum of colours. By maintaining balance and harmony multi-coloured Opals can help protect the wearer’s physical and spiritual well being.

Opals can match the best gemstones, tint for tint, and still find strength for laughter and dancing!



Empowerment & Awareness

The official list of 12 Birthstones, as adopted by secular jewellers, is based on the position of the Sun in the zodiac in your birth month. Although this is a good start, your birth chart is a representation of many different planetary factors and it is important to study your stars in all their complexity.

Astrologically the qualities of change and movement, described in gemmology as ‘play-of-colour’, make Opals supportive allies for times and processes of transformation and growth.

Opals constitute a beautiful and rich family of stones characterised by a variety of intense colour combinations and luminous energy that changes the stone’s colour when viewed from different angles. Each gemstone (of any type) is a unique individual; this is especially true in the enchanting world of beautiful Opals - there are simply no two alike. So you should choose not only an Opal, but also the Opal that is just right for you.

Opal is the stone of the mystic, shaman, artist and healer within us.

Opal is a wonderful companion for a marriage consciously based on spiritual principles. As Opal is a healer and mentor during times of transition and intense change, it helps to change limiting beliefs and mental patterns. Opal connects us to the collective unconscious and all the treasures it enfolds.

In addition to the harmonising frequency of the gemstone in our energy field, Opal fuels our intuition with sudden sparks of insight and wisdom.


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