Queen of Gems

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Due to its exceptionality Opal has always been well represented in private collections around the globe.

The mysterious 'Queen of Gemstones' is synonymous with graceful power, beauty and rarity.

Reflective of Roman Glory

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opal-lovers-romansThe Romans were great lovers of Opal and regarded the gems as good luck pieces. Many Roman generals carried Opal-tipped staves to their campaigns to bring them victory. A Roman woman considered herself fortunate if she possessed an Opal which was prized above all other gems.

Romans referered to Opal as the Cupid Stone which they believed instilled purity and hope.

Symbol of Regency

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Opals became a sine qua non of royal and aristocratic dress in Renaissance England. Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) and indeed members of the Elizabethan nobility, wore lavish parures of Opal.

By Royal Appointment

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Louis XVI (1754-1793) wore an Opal finger-ring befitting the illustriously luxuriant Court he held with his Queen at Versailles. Indeed Marie Antoinette owned a famous flame Opal known as the 'Forest Fire'. The effulgence of Versailles had spread all over Europe during the second half of the seventeenth century, by the eighteenth century Paris dictated the fashions and French jewellers became ever more influential.

Opals for a Brave New World

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Fine Taste & Good Fortune: The Hallmarks of Remarkable Individuals



Sir Thomas Brassey (1836-1918), 1st Earl Brassey, was the son of a self-made millionaire, who had a passionate love for the sea and cruised on his intercontinental yacht, ‘The Sunbeam’, as often as he could.


Sue-White opals29 June 2013
Dear Rainbow Serpent,
Thank you for your email and membership.
It is great to know that you are out there promoting Australia's National gemstone & NSW emblem.
Keep up the good work, I love your concept.
Sue White - Orana Glitz & Glamour Extravaganza Inc Assn.

15 march 2013
Hi Peter,
Colourful characters are key,
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We loved the look of Tarzan of Opalton.
Gemma Brady - Boundless productions.tv

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Dear Rainbow Serpent,
Will be recommending your website as a primary reference to 15 Macquarie Uni media students who will be doing a PR project for us as part of their assessment soon.
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Good Morning,
I have just found your wonderful website.
I produce a monthly e-newsletter which is circulated to the Tourism businesses in Coober Pedy and neighbouring stations plus the Info Centres around SA & the NT.
I wondered if I could use some of your Opal info in my October Edition (Opal Month), mainly the parts in your “About Opal” section – names, spiritual info etc.
I would obviously reference it to your website noting the address so others could read your site. 
Sandra Harris
Tourism Officer - Coober Pedy Information Centre

5 April 2010
I am wanting to use your site in an assignment as it is a superb example
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